Our Professional Services team works on-site to assist clients’ own developers to optimize the design, resolve issues and tune the performance of their in-house projects.

Business Sectors

We work with sector-leading companies across all industries where performant embedded Linux solutions are used:

  • Avionics

  • Automotive

  • Consumer electronics

  • Defence

  • Medical equipment

  • Networking

Hardware Platforms

We partner with all leading platform manufacturers, and work with all leading devices, including those from Freescale (CoreIQ, iMX Family ), ARM cotex A8/9, Texas Instruments (OMAP2/3/4, Sitara ,DM8168/48), ATMEL (SAM9xx, Cortex A5), Analog Devices, Renesas, MIPS and more.

Our Strength

Whilst embedded Linux is our core expertise, so many modern applications require a lot more – they require an ability to integrate a diverse range of software components, often working within multiple sets of standards.

Our strength is the experience in our team, built up over a range technologies and applications which enable us to integrate those technologies within the complex standards and yet achieve performance and functionality objectives. In this way we realize applications which often surprise our customers, perhaps by reducing time to market, application complexity or performance. We believe that this ability to innovate solutions for customers is very special.