Embedded Android

Android is a widely spread OS system, first deployed on smart phones, today deployed on a wide range of products ranging from tablets and automotive entertainment (infotainment) to security and medical applications. We have experience with the first Android releases, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat as well as the latest version, Lollipop.

Remaining on the very edge of technology, we can provide the perfect fit of software for your needs.

iMX6 Android 5 Lollipop - Linux4biz, Kernel 3.10.53

We provide custom made embedded Android solutions for your specific needs:

  • Hardware
  • Application development and NDK
  • Drivers
  • Applicative solutions and custom ROM developments


Our teams of engineers can produce a full customized system for your embedded Android devices.

  • Drivers - for specialized hardware, including a full integration to the Android OS.
  • Integration - integrating all the elements of your system to produce a stable OS.
  • Designated software - our application teams can produce software products that interface your designated hardware.
  • We provide costum Android for embedded devices bases on the following processors: Freescale's iMX5/6, ARM, Texas Instruments, Nvidia, Renesas and Atmel.

Application development and NDK

  • Components' embedding is done in native code C and C++.
  • Libraries and headers - we provide a full interface suite.
    • Reuse of existing code and AOSP customized development.
    • Increased speed performance
    • Stable APIs that cohere to the systems API, ensuring future compatibility.
  • Wide range of libraries that can fit the needs of your system, some features supported:
    • Embedded video
    • 2D and 3D graphics layering
    • OpenGL-ES
    • Bitmap and vector front rendering


Writing full drivers from hardware spec level, including all software development needed for the device. We integrate and develop device driver for your custom hardware. 

Applicative solutions

We provide custom launch development with your company logo and your custom application.

In summary

Our intimate knowledge of the Android framework and the almost infinite range of possibilities that it offers both applications developers and product manufacturers enhances the value we provide. Through our embedded Linux and Android framework development services, we help deliver innovative products across automotive, avionics, consumer electronics and medical devices.