Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is our core specialisation. Since we first opened our doors for business in 2004, our teams have provided the best in breed embedded Linux solutions. Our comprehensive Linux experience delivers customers an optimized OS supporting their custom target boards and intellectual property, from prototyping to live product remote monitoring.

Wide Industry Experience

Our Board Support Package (‘BSP’) solutions are at the core of many products in use across a wide swathe of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive manufacturers, medical devices and aerospace/avionics applications. Although design and build standards may differ from sector to sector, there is only one standard for quality.

Embedded Linux architecture

When we deliver an embedded Linux solution, we don’t lock a customer in to a proprietary Linux distribution. The whole idea of Linux is that it is open source. We start with the principle that any customizations and extensions we add are the customer’s. Exceptionally, some customers may want their custom code fed back into the main Linux source, and we can provide such a ‘mainlining’ service. Most customers, though, want their secrets protected.

Linux R&D Services: We shorten time-to-market by delivering reliable, optimized, high-quality prototype solutions quickly and cost-effectively. The structured yet flexible methodology we employ is designed to ensure that quality is engineered in and that RMAs are engineered out, from the kick-off.

Board Support Packages: Our BSP development and enhancement teams work with bootloader, kernel and device drivers across a range of architecture buses and components. We ensure that initialization is correct, with coding including interrupt and clock management, that protocols are precisely adhered to and that Linux device drivers are optimized.

We can start from scratch, use vanilla designs or work from existing reference designs for a customer’s target board and product, deploying an easy-to-use API which has an example application in the user space.

Middleware development: We create middleware using three approaches, providing SDKs and wrappers for OEM products, including full documentation and User Guide:

  • Custom APIs

  • Posix-based HALs (Hardware Abstraction Layer)

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