Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux is our core specialisation. Our comprehensive experience allows us to deliver optimized OS supporting custom boards and proprietary hardware. The entire process is done in-house from prototyping to QA and live product remote monitoring.

Linux fast boot - embedded Linux iMX6 boot in less

We customized the kernel and the OS to boot into command line under iMX6 in less than 5 seconds.

We have proven experience in a wide range of industries, including automotive infotainment, avionics/aerospace, industrial automation up to custom solutions for consumer electronics.

Board Support Packages: Our knowledge allows us to create a BSP fitting the distinct hardware to each project, proprietary hardware support or special communication protocols. We can also create custom API of existing hardware. Whatever the design requirements are we hold true to our products quality.

Linux mainlining: Since Linux is an Open-Source project, we can offer a mainlining service, i.e. the ability to feed-back your custom solutions back to the Linux, not constraining your product to a specific Linux distribution. If one wished to protect their proprietary intellectual property it can be avoided.

Middle-ware development: We create middle-ware for your hardware, providing a wide range of possible solutions

  • Custom API's - creating a set of commands for your hardware to operate under the regular Linux interface.

  • HALs - Hardware Abstraction Layer, creating software solutions for your hardware to connect seamlessly to the normal Linux interface. For example a custom Human Interface Device inserted into the Linux code in such a way that the Linux upper-level fully supports the device.

  • SDK's and wrappers - we can supply a Software Development Kit fully featured and well documented, for future development of software products.