Embedded Linux is part of our everyday lives – whether in our wifi routers, our mobile phones, even our washing machines. We are surrounded by Linux. Since 2004 Linux4biz has been delivering Linux porting projects in all those devices and more – into automobiles, defence electronics, avionics and medical equipment. Wherever an embedded Linux solution is needed, we deliver.



Day in, day out, we are at the heart of network operations. We develop, deliver and support Carrier Grade Linux at the highest levels: 5 nines availability for servers and 6 nines for switches. With a wide range of user spaces and kernel stacks for network equipment, we design and configure CGL5-compliant solutions spanning authentication, monitoring and device management, command line interpreters (‘CLI’) and specialized backends where Linux is now overhauling Sun Solaris. Our expertise extends into enhanced switching and routing protocols.


 Automotive - Infotainment

In today's world, vehicles are becoming much more computerized and the amount of sensory data existing in a vehicle exceeds belief. Infotainment systems i.e. on-dash computing is becoming much more powerful. We have working experience in this field, accounting for a wide range of applications.

  • Remote monitoring systems - by utilizing the capabilities of the on-dash computer, we have created a system that will enable remote monitroing of a company's fleet. That can greatly improve the control one has over his fleet, including vehicle dispatching, time estimation of arrival, by using this data a factory can be ready for load as soon as the vehicle arrives at the plant, thus greatly decreasing the amount of idle-time for that company's vehicle fleet.
  • Running an Android based custom ROM and OS, we can offer on-dash computers with bluetooth, WiFi connectivity and a "normal" Android interface. Our extensive knowledge of the Android system allows us to re-build the interface system (launcher) to custom fit the requirement of the customer.
  • Since vehicle computing uses well known standards, we can implement a connection to the internal vehicle computing network (J1708, CAN bus, fms, OBD2) to gain access to an enormous amount of data on the vehicle itself, ranging from the state of the drivers door up to the momentary full consumption of the engine. The possibilities are endless.

 Avionic & Defense

Whether supersonic at 50,000 feet or fording a swollen river at night, our rugged avionics and defence embedded Linux projects are used wherever the action is. COTS can be a challenge when MILspecs need to be met, but our ruggedized solutions do the business. We work with COMexpress, and whichever of the current seven configurations is used, we configure and tune the kernel and device drivers for the selected LAN, SATA, IDE, PCI, USB and other interfaces to optimize the solution for the particular application and protocols – including computer-vision and RT.



Consumer Electronics

Whether in games consoles or PDAs, smartphones or pedometers, our solutions touch a large sector of the public in their leisure and domestic lives. For example we deliver custom PDA OS solutions with Adaptive UIs and Connectivity Stacks, making the plug-and-play concept a realit.

With 6 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide and smartphone sales becoming exponential, our solutions are firmly embedded in the market - we develop Android framework solutions and Apps for OEMs using both custom hardware and mass market platforms.



With RT implementation and optimized OS interfaces for a wide range of medical devices from whole body scanners to life support systems, we work to simplify the user interface, computer-vision and the monitoring of integrated sensors so that optimum performance is attained. Our embedded Linux solutions are at work everyday, in hospitals worldwide, 24/7.

In Summary

We keep solutions as simple as possible within the requirements. Wherever microcontrollers are used, we provide embedded Linux solutions, optimized kernels, tuned device drivers and high reliability. 


Call us today to discuss your next embedded Linux project – we provide solutions in your industry.