A methodology that delivers

Our approach to delivering projects is based on the Agile methodology and has been refined over a decade of experience in the sector. Whatever the project - whether embedded Linux, Android framework, device driver development or Linux porting - then our methodology is focused on incremental delivery with short cycles – sprints – realized with coherent teamwork.


With a basic waterfall template which has cascades of development as the Agile Scrum/Sprint cycles review, refocus, design, build, test and deploy, the methodology is proven for delivering technology projects, and is ideally matched to the nature of projects which often contain R&D activities.


Full traceability is mandatory for many customers, and we apply it to all our projects as a matter of course. Our requirements gathering and use-case development is rigorous, with a complete documentation library from initial concept meetings through to formal acceptance captured in the project library.


We believe that quality should be engineered in (which is where our considerable experience is valuable), and a structured methodology is part of that quality engineering process.
Using the GIT distributed revision control and source code management system enables its highly resilient and directory-specific repository to deliver high-confidence code integrity with its noted high speed processing of revisions.
From designs to plans, test harnesses to test results, all project artifacts are versioned, reviewed, approved and tracked; any development state, including a specific test scenario and initial conditions, can easily be re-created.

So, if an Android framework project needs to be extended after having been delivered, then a kick start of the upgrade project is straightforward.