Our development projects have delivered embedded Linux into most of the electronics technology in use today, across all industries. Whether it is RT Linux, Vanilla Linux, regular BSD or an exotic distribution, we have the expertise. Our range of products spans mobile apps, video and surveillance streamers and network appliances. Our cloud computing team builds LAMP solutions for start-up companies and content providers. 


HMI Applications for Embedded Devices

Our mobile apps products include backend and frontend solutions built to the latest HTML5 web standards with Java, Json, Jquery and sqlight. With its support for CSS3, HTML5 offers enhanced user experience on mobile platforms, and our products are at the leading edge of what can be achieved.

Android now has almost 50% of the smartphone OS market, and we specialise in the Android framework. Our Android products include Native Applications, Qt Linux and the GTK+ windowing environment, as requirements dictate.


Video surveillance & DVR

Computervision: This is one of our core product areas - we integrate a wide range of technologies and feeds (satellite, cable, IP) into coherent computervision products with embedded Linux or the Android OS – typically the Android TV and set-top box (STB) product categories.

Blending machine vision (the physics) and image processing (the data), whether an application is for a production line robot or facial recognition, we deliver efficient computervision applications. Working with the OpenGL-ES 2D/3D graphics API, OpenMAX to ensure portability, OpenCV for real time image processing and other image processing libraries, our applications are at the front of the image processing wavefront.

Multimedia: We work with the Gstreamer pipeline-based multimedia framework and the H.264/3 network protocol for embedded video, building Video Conferencing and frontend video applications.  


Network Appliance

Security: Our products in this category include firewall implementations, routing and switching products, authentication routines, antivirus, antispam and gateway controllers.

Management: We also provide traffic shaping and monitoring solutions for computer network traffic management. Whether the requirement is for bandwidth optimization, guaranteed performance or latency improvement, we provide solutions which work at the network edge or at the traffic source (e.g. on a network interface card/chip).


RT Implementation

Using RT Linux, we develop real-time implementations for deterministic requirements and mission critical products, where guaranteed response times are mandatory. Our considerable know-how in this area includes techniques for iterating with high-resolution timers, with minimal footprint and boot-time.


IoT Solutions for Embedded Devices

With the rapid growth of the Cloud, we have been delivering products based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform suite as ISV’s have been driven to change their business models to follow the SaaS trend. Our products are firmly founded on Open Source technologies and principles, including PHP, MySQL, Apache, NOSQL, Node.JS, MongoDB and Full-Stack Support.

In Summary

Whether it is embedded Linux, RT Linux, QT Linux, regular BSD or an exotic distribution, our products excel. We span mobile apps, video and surveillance streamers, network applications and LAMP solutions for SaaS ISVs. 

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