With a wide Linux experience and successful customer development projects and deployments since 2004, Linux4biz brings a significant added value to your software development project. Our services save you time and money.

Professional Services in our lab

Board Support Package (BSP Development) and HardWare bring-up, middleware and application development.

OSE - On Site Engineering

On site engineering, working together with your in-house development team on your premises, save money, travel expenses and integration overhead.

SW Design an OS Migration (Porting)

Think about an OS migration? Upgrading from traditional OS to Embedded Linux? We can assist you to do it smoothly, please see our turn-key solutions.

HMI Application

Does your product have User Interface and Custom Graphics? Our services include HMI Application Development using Qt, GTK+, Android with UI consulting, Design and UX specification, from mockup to full Graphic design.


All product development testing and engineering for wide use cases that illustrates your customers environments using with well documented test plans. Smart scripting and automated test tools from a professional QA team.