Turn-Key Solutions

From an idea to an optimized product, Linux4biz provides end-to-end solutions by managing a full software product lifecycle.

Our project management experience with "hands-on" and know-how will enable you a successful and on time product launching with smooth process of product development.

Our proven experience and methodology with well documented process will reduce the time-to market and will save you time and money.

Different industries standards

Our turn-key solutions milestones are:

Requirements - meeting your customers needs, and technology limitation will let us help you to define the software requirements with your marketing & sales team and hardware engineers.

Design - software design is the most important infrastructure for a successful and bugless product. The use of various design patterns and attitude with documents such as blue prints, white papers and bloch schemes.

Development integration - using our best pratice and different software development methodology with our wide "know-how" experience, will reduce time and costs of developement and NRE (Non-recurring engineering).

QA & Test - our QA engineers, various of development software tools and scripting will save you RMA procedure and defect problems, illustrating your customers environment with stress tests and stability.

Support and maintanance - long term support and maintanance plans with remote upgrade and version control to enable your customers to keep using and benefit from your product.