We support all leading Linux flavours and distributions from the vanilla kernel to OS builders. Although Linux is a superb Open Source operating system, building an efficient implementation is not simple task, despite all the support and tools available. It is one area where solid experience really matters if projects are to be delivered on time and meet their quality and performance targets. Our services extend to toolset selection and customized root filesystems, kernel tuning and integration with external sensors and other devices.
Hardware Platforms
We work with all leading suppliers including ARM, Freescale, Texas Instruments, ATMEL , Analog Devices – Blackfin, and Renesas.

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Software Platforms
There is a large range of choices to be made, spanning the distributions and toolsets available. With experience across this wide range, we are ideally placed to give expert advice based on our many years of experience:

Linux Distributions

There are a number of distribution choices and we work our customers to determine the optimum choice for a given project, and then follow through to build and implement the solution with them.

FreeBSD:The Berkeley distribution for the x86 platform and embedded under the BSD license is a rich and stable platform, suitable for many projects.

uClinux:Running Linux on MMU-less processors 32-bit with a small footprint for lean and dedicated applications.

Commercial Linux: If the choice is to enable the target platform with a commercial Linux distribution, then we can advise on the pros and cons of the various providers – we have worked with all the major distributions.

Root Filesystem
Making the right decisions about the root filesystem is critical to project success. There are tool choices to be made, decisions about cross-compiling, which libraries for C, graphics support and other functionality, interfacing techniques and protocols, testing tools and startup routines – and those are just a flavour!

Whether you want a root filesystem mountable over a network, from a ramdisk or flash ram, we can accommodate your needs. We advise many customers which approach is the best for their application, balancing performance against power management, cost and reliability. It just doesn’t make sense to use up time, effort and budget when we can short-circuit the whole process and deliver a better result sooner.

In Summary
Choosing the optimum platform for a project is a critical decision. With our embedded Linux experience stretching back to 2004, we have the background and experience to deliver reliably, with consistent quality across the full range of platform technologies – both hardware and software. That is why so many sector-leading customers engage us for their product development projects, including networking, avionics, defence, automotive, medical devices and consumer electronics.

With the Ubuntu distribution now available on the ARMv7 architecture, the linux ARM is an exciting arena with new options appearing daily. Of course, being first can be profitable, but needs experience and inside knowledge to minimize the risks and ensure project success.

Call us today and let’s discuss your next embedded Linux project.