Services & Support

Service and support

Your Vision, Your Specifications, Our Expertise

We provide a wide range of support solutions to meet customer requirements from remote support to on-site project management assistance. Our online CRM system enables issue tracking and client communications.

Consulting Services

We typically use email/telephone and remote assistance to provide guidance, advice and support. We are friendly, flexible and this support channel works efficiently for the bulk of our customers and applications.

Project Support

Project support is a core component of long-term customer partnerships and projects. Project support adds design and development assistance from our experienced Linux4biz engineers – ideal when functional extensions and performance upgrades are planned. We can assist in the earlier stages of the project, such as hardware selection, to later stages such as software design. Our assistance can be quite valuable at each stage but when following a project from its earlier stages we are able to provide insight that can help save time, effort, money, and avoid known issues using our wide experience in this field.

On-site Support

Linux4biz can provide engineers to work on-site and support a client’s staff to help optimize applications or in the case of non-movable equipment, develop and test on site. Periods are negotiable from one month upward or as a standard consulting engagement from our professional services team.

Linux/Android Lab

We can provide a lab that allows clients the possibility of testing devices and boards in-house, shortening development times. By enabling reactive assistance on site and solving problems as they are observed, it saves precious time.

User Interface

UI – User Interface – is an essential part of any system, and in the end a user’s experience is mostly defined by the UI of a system. Not only can the UI distinguish the design from other designs, it can also greatly improve user satisfaction. Our application team can assist in UI design and implement HMI (Human Machine Interface) designs with a wide range of technologies including Android, Qt, GTK+, and others. We follow the entire process from defining the UX specification to mockup and full graphic design.

The UI is designed in view of the system assuring compatibility and seamless integration. Since we are a software company the UI remains closely attached to the underlying software. Together with the other teams we can implement almost all requirements of the client.

Benchmarks – QA for your OS

QA – Quality assurance is a vital part of every system production. In order to verify that a system is ready for deployment, all aspects of the system must be verified in different scenarios, use cases, and configurations. QA must be well designed since not all possible options on all configurations can be checked. Our experienced team can identify and prioritize the issues, then design a verification plan that best fits the timing and cost requirements. Our professional QA team can design and build test tools for your system using a wide range of solutions that will fit exactly with the needs of a client. Our team can also help design test configurations for systems and recommend test layouts for the devices under test (DUT).


We pride ourselves on delivering excellent client service, exceptional products, and reliable solutions. If you need a custom designed solution, or perhaps you have an idea but not quite sure if it can be done, then contact us today. We can help your vision turn into reality.